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Born in Arizona, Ken Rowe’s life has been shaped and forged by the rugged beauty, culture, and history of his native land. Influenced by drawing and painting with his mother, along with his love of the outdoors, Ken’s first introduction to wildlife art was in the field of taxidermy. For fourteen years, he and his wife, Monica, owned and operated a successful taxidermy studio, during which time, Ken submerged himself in a profession that demanded an intense study of anatomy and wildlife physiology. Ken believes this in-depth knowledge is an extremely important quality to possess as a wildlife artist.

In 1987, Ken expanded his talents into the creation of bronze sculpture and has been a full-time sculptor for more than thirty-six years. He has become known for his anatomy, composition and, most importantly, the expressive life one can see in his pieces. Close to forty years, the scale of his work has ranged from small maquettes to life-size monuments. When viewing Ken’s bronzes, one can readily see the history of his life and the reverence he has for animals. Ken has resided in Sedona with his wife, Monica, since December 1995.



“An artist’s goal is to communicate – without the use of words – a reverence for his subject matter. An inspired artist tells a story that profoundly touches the viewer’s soul.”

“To me, art is much more than finite detail. It is accuracy of the subject, story lines, and the culmination of strength, texture, and balance. In the visual sense, when one views my art, he or she should be able to feel the rugged beauty of the southwest and the vitality and diversity of its people.” ~ Ken Rowe

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