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Working on canvas directly with his palette knife, Collins spontaneously manipulates his oil paints in a topographical impasto. Using vibrant and warm colors, Troy draws inspiration from the regional landscape of Montana and Wyoming.

Troy worked as a protégé for four years under master impressionist Robert Moore. Collins has learned from a reverence for Russian Impressionism and a respect for the elements. Although Collins has exhibited a mastery of many different subject matter, he most often gravitates towards aspen trees. Each painting of aspens is unique, Collins says, because aspens are “like people, they have unique character. I’ve never seen two aspens look alike… they’re like snowflakes.”

Having gleaned a passion for creating a unique visual experience, Troy’s work moves each viewer into a dynamic relationship with color, texture, and design elements.

Blending expressionism and impressionism, painting is a spiritual process for the artist. “I pour my heart into each composition as a celebration of the miracle of creation,” says Collins. “My goal as an artist is to move the viewer to experience a flood of powerful emotions, to feel the energy that flows through me as I put brush to canvas.”-Western Art Collector, March 2012

Pursuing a closer relationship with God has influenced Troy’s artwork, resulting in a positive response by collectors and artists. Troy credits this response to the love, faith, prayers, and support of his family and friends that overflows in his life. This inspiring energy is reborn and lavishly expressed in each piece of his valued collection.

Recently Collins’ has been selected to be a participant in the prestigious Charlie Russell Riders Foundation in Big Fork, Montana.

Troy lives and works in Hamilton Montana, where his surroundings and his faith and family inspire his work, an inspiration present in each of his paintings.

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