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Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The spirit of man is what makes him unique above all of God’s creations”.  Gary Lee Price bronzes come as close to ‘capturing’ this spirit as is humanly possible.  Sculpture with meaning. Sculpture to “lift the human spirit”. Sculpture to inspire. This is the essence of Gary’s work.  This is his life’s journey, to lift and to inspire! 

One of the largest libraries in the world, the Hong Kong Central Library, 12 stories high, 300,000 square feet, features 12 of Gary Lee Price’s life-size bronze sculptures.  This impressive display includes bronzes of young readers, happy children releasing doves, others playing with shells in water, some holding beautiful flowers or soaring through the air as though weightless.  Additionally, two 22” round frogs, “Puffed Up Princes”, are sentinels at the entrance of the children’s library.

The 11-foot “Celebration!” featuring joyous children soaring around a globe celebrating life, was first unveiled in Surrey, England at the American Community Schools with the most recent being dedicated in Decatur, Georgia by former First Lady Rosalyn Carter.  A 22-foot version of the same sculpture is located at the entrance of the 10 story corporate headquarters for NuSkin International in Provo, Utah.

Literally thousands of Gary Lee Price sculptures are in public and private collections throughout the world.  This includes his 12-foot angel “Messenger” monument in Iceland honoring over 400 early immigrants to the U.S.  Gary completed the sculpture “Communion”, a 15-foot high monument of grasping hands for the United Methodist Church of Brentwood, Tennessee.  The hand theme has been an important aspect of his work as reflected in such pieces as “Synergy”, “Helping Hand”, “Ascent” and “Circle of Peace”.  Uplifting others, helping others and joining hands with others in brotherhood and sisterhood are essential parts of the life and work of Gary Lee Price.

Gary has been commissioned to create the 300-foot Statue of Responsibility, Viktor Frankl’s vision from his book “Mans Search for Meaning”.  The Monument will be the bookend to the Statue of Liberty and will be built on the west coast.  This Monument and Movement is currently under way. The organizations is in the process of procuring land now.

“My passion for art and my belief that art empowers and lifts the human spirit has only grown stronger throughout my life.  I have been blessed with many generous and selfless mentors, and my dream is to pass those gifts on to others”.  To this end Gary often teaches workshops to individuals, groups and corporations on the aspects of creation and manifestation.

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