Screenshot 2023-09-23 173940 Abraham Lincoln Benjamin Franklin Butch Cassidy Harriet Tubman Unlimited Horizons Journey of Imagination II Journey of Imagination Artist’s Biography Ralph Waldo Emerson...

Ridge Guards 24×48 Vigilant 20×16 Home Steader Meadow 16×20 Cool Breeze 30×10 Artist’s Biography Acclaimed by critics and collectors alike, Trevor V. Swanson is one...

"Anticipation" 18"H x 16"W x 32"D Bronze Ed. 35

“Hooked” 16″H (22″H w/rod) x 10″W x 6″D Bronze Ed. 35 Glory Bronze The Patriarch Bronze Wild at Heart A Moment Caught in Time Bronze...

"Not Even A Whisper" Bronze

Stampede Bronze Saloon Keepers Have No Sense of Humor Bronze “Ain’t Gonna Be No Second Trip” Bronze Monument American Bison (monument) Bronze The Trooper Bronze...

Huck & Berry Bronze furcumference “Looking For Jill” Bronze Edition of 30 Summer School Study hummingbirds Storm Front Something in the Wind Thinking Like a...

"Feather In The Wind" 31" x 18" Bronze Edition of 30

Ain’t No Cowboy Bronze Ed. of 35 Rendezvous Foofarraw Bronze Ed. of 35 Somewhere a Cowboy’s Walkin Bronze Ed. of 40 Bronc Stompin’ Bronze “War...

"Up and Over" Bronze

Majestic 8/21 21 x 19 Bronze The Wanderer 3/25 17 x 20 Bronze Colossus H 10′ X W 10′ X L 13′ Bronze Coming Through...

Grey Sky Fire Lilies 50 x 60 Oil

Grey Sky Fire Lilies 50 x 60 Oil Aspen Sculpture 40×36 Oil Blue River 40×40 Oil Dancing Lilies | 60×72 | Oil on Canvas Dusk...

Symphony of Wind Rivers 48×36 Rural Drive Through 36×48 Evening Show 48×60 Ancient Blooms 30×40 Populus Canyon 30×40 Rider on the Storm 11×14 The Fall...

Dr. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club 30×40 Mixeed Media Canned 40 x 30 Mixed Media Cowgirl Up 30 x 40 Acrylic Haagen Dazs A Heart Good...


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